Coila Results 29 Oct 23

There were no competitors in Division 2, and one race was possible for Division 1 before the wind became excessive.

TopYacht: Batemans Bay Sailing Club – 1/11/2023 9:36:53 PM
RACE 2 [29/10/2023] BBSC Coila 2023-24 Div 1
Coila 3 Race 2 Div 1
Printed on : 1/11/2023 9:36:53 PM

Division 1 Mixed Class YS results

PlaceSail NoBoat NameElapsdYSYS Cor d TSkipperClassScoreCREWVis
199Knockout29:1876.538:18B WoolnoughTaipan4.9 Cat1.0  
23378Little Tacker42:2791.046:39G TreloarMaricat4.3 Sloop2.0  
3584Ferret45:0491.049:32S McKibbinMaricat4.3 Sloop3.0E McKibbin 
4740Koolkat01:00:4291.001:06:42G BourneMaricat4.3 Sloop4.0J Bourne 
5112133Kimberly01:03:4680.501:19:13C ButlerHobie16 J CrewYes
DUT1147May 87.0 A ReesWeta4.4 sq1up2.0  

Division 1 Mixed Class HC results

PlaceSail NoBoat NameAHCCor’d TBCHCHCSkipperClassScoreCREWVis
199Knockout1.17444:581.5011.190B WoolnoughTaipan4.9 Cat1.0  
23378Little Tacker1.05149:021.2331.064G TreloarMaricat4.3 Sloop2.0  
3584Ferret0.99449:141.1611.005S McKibbinMaricat4.3 Sloop3.0E McKibbin 
4740Koolkat1.00001:06:420.8620.988G BourneMaricat4.3 Sloop4.0J Bourne 
5112133Kimberly0.97901:17:330.7260.967C ButlerHobie16 J CrewYes
DUT1147May1.086   A ReesWeta4.4 sq1up2.0