Coastal Cup 3 Results

Coastal Cup 3 – Pentastar

This is the same race sailed on Day One of the South Coaster Regatta. As part of the Coastal Cup Series, current Performance Handicaps (PHC) from the Coastal Cup Series are used. Therefore PHC results may differ from the South Coaster result for this race, which used Bay Cup Performance Handicaps.

TopYacht: Batemans Bay Sailing Club – 19/01/2024 8:36:31 PM
RACE 3 [6/01/2024] Coastal Cup 2023-24
bbsc coastal cup 3 r 3 southcoaster penastar
Printed on : 19/01/2024 8:36:31 PM


PlaceSail NoBoat NameElapsdAHCCor’d TBCHCHCSkipperScore
18150Attitude01:54:200.75701:26:330.7760.761S_Byrne/ J_Reed1.0
2NILSail La Vie02:19:510.62201:26:590.6350.626J Drummond2.0
36189Wishful Thinking01:51:520.79101:28:290.7930.787S Dunlop3.0
46706Moonmist01:56:500.77701:30:470.7600.775T Sutton4.0
5201Accolade01:52:200.82501:32:400.7900.817L Brown5.0
DNC2255Cool Change 0.666   R Dunne8.0
DNF2970Avior 0.651   P Paterson7.0

AMS results

PlaceSail NoBoat NameElapsdAHCCor’d TSkipperScoreETOrd
16189Wishful Thinking01:51:520.83801:33:45S Dunlop1.01
2201Accolade01:52:200.83801:34:08L Brown2.02
36706Moonmist01:56:500.81601:35:20T Sutton3.03
DNC2255Cool Change 0.772 R Dunne5.0