Bay Cup 6 Results

There were no competitors in Division 2, and power-boat Shlaaam stood in for the injured Dave Magill as Committee Boat. Many thanks to the owners of Moonmist for making her available.

Bay Cup Race 6 Division 1

TopYacht: Batemans Bay Sailing Club – 2/11/2023 4:15:59 PM
RACE 6 [2/11/2023] Bay Cup div 1 2022-23
bay cup 6 r 6
Printed on : 2/11/2023 4:15:59 PM


PlaceSail NoBoat NameElapsdAHCCor’d TBCHCHCSkipperScoreDidNot
16706Moonmist01:47:260.73101:18:320.7610.739T Sutton1.0 
28150Attitude01:48:420.75001:21:320.7520.765S_Byrne/ J_Reed2.0 
3NILSail La Vie02:07:100.64301:21:460.6430.646J Drummond3.0 
42255Cool Change02:11:000.62501:21:520.6240.619R Dunne4.0 
56189Wishful Thinking01:46:140.78101:22:580.7690.782S Dunlop5.0 
6201Accolade01:48:540.79401:26:280.7500.779L Brown6.0 

AMS results

PlaceSail NoBoat NameElapsdAHCCor’d TSkipperScoreDidNot
16706Moonmist01:47:260.81601:27:40T Sutton1.0 
26189Wishful Thinking01:46:140.83801:29:01S Dunlop2.0 
3201Accolade01:48:540.83801:31:16L Brown3.0 
48150Attitude01:48:420.84101:31:25S_Byrne/ J_Reed4.0 
52255Cool Change02:11:000.77201:41:08R Dunne5.0 


PlaceSail NoBoat NameElapsdAHCCor’d TBCHCHCSkipperScoreDidNot
1NILSail La Vie02:07:100.60501:16:560.6050.605J Drummond0.0