Bay Cup 5 Race 2 Results

Bay Cup Race 2 Division 1

Here is the PHS result. An AMS result will also be calculated for this race in due course, but currently only two AMS ratings have been sighted which are re-validated for the 2021-22 season.

RACE 2 [3/26/2022] Bay Cup div 1 2021-22
bbsc bay cup 5 r 2 div 1
Printed on : 3/27/2022 2:23:32 PM


PlaceSail NoBoat NameElapsdAHCCor’d TBCHCHCSkipperScoreDidNot
12970Avior02:53:080.67201:56:210.7000.681P Paterson1.0 
2201Accolade02:22:160.81901:56:310.8520.829L Brown2.0 
36706Moonmist02:29:180.78601:57:210.8110.796T Sutton3.0 
46189Wishful Thinking02:40:240.80802:09:360.7550.782S Dunlop4.0 
54536Xanthia02:47:190.77502:09:400.7240.758J Gardiner5.0 
68150Attitude02:52:040.81102:19:330.7040.784S Byrne/ J Reed6.0