Bay Cup 3 Results

There were no competitors in Bay Cup 3 Division 2

Bay Cup 3 Race 3 Div 1

Only Performance Handicap results have been calculated. Currently three AMS ratings have been re-validated for 2023-24, with another three possibly to come. The race will be re-processed for AMS results when the remaining three are resolved.

There were no competitors in the N0n-Spinnaker subdivision.

TopYacht: Batemans Bay Sailing Club – 7/10/2023 9:17:35 PM
RACE 3 [7/10/2023] Bay Cup div 1 2023-24
bbsc bay cup 3 r3 div 1
Printed on : 7/10/2023 9:17:35 PM


PlaceSail NoBoat NameElapsdAHCCor’d TBCHCHCSkipperScoreDidNot
16706Moonmist01:25:250.73801:03:020.7640.742T Sutton1.0 
26189Wishful Thinking01:23:440.76801:04:180.7800.768S Dunlop2.0 
38150Attitude01:27:060.75201:05:300.7500.751S Byrne/ J Reed3.0 
42255Cool Change01:42:230.64501:06:020.6380.653R Dunne4.0 
5201Accolade01:24:190.79301:06:520.7740.791L Brown5.0 
DNC2970Avior 0.606   P Paterson8.0DNC
DNCNILSail La Vie 0.614   J Drummond8.0DNC