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Women’s Series – Race 2 now on Sat 7 May 2022

Due to a clash with the Safety Day the race, Women’s Series II, scheduled for 5 March in the Sailing Program will now be moved to 7 May 2022.

This is a Change to the Sailing Instructions/Change of Program – Women’s Series II will now start 1100 Saturday 7 May, followed as soon as possible by Lady Skipper’s/Crew Race. Briefing 0900 as usual near JJ’s/Southern Catch – if raining, under the Marina building.

To participate in the Regatta the participating boat must be skippered and/or helmed by a woman. Women who have boats, crew on them, or want to crew on them are strongly encouraged to take the opportunity to get out on the water and show that sailing is not gender specific. In the spirit of inclusivity, men with boats can also join in, provided there is a woman on the helm.

The 2021-22 Sailing Program, Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Download the:

2021/22 Sailing Program

2021/22 Notice of Race for Keelboats, Multihulls and Trailables

2021/22 Sailing Instructions

2021/22 Risk Acknowledgement/Club Indemnity (All sailing skippers and crew are to read and sign to acknowledge they understand.)

  1. Common Instructions – to be read in conjunction with the relevant series/race instructions:
  2. Bay Cup Series
  3. Coastal Cup Series
  4. Toll Gates Classic (Div 2)
  5. Winter Series
  6. River Wranglers’ Series
  7. Lady Skipper/Crew Race
  8. Women’s Series (Coming soon)
  9. Off-the-Beach (Coming soon)
  10. Performance Handicap System