The Sailing Instructions and Club Handbook are documents that are designed to last several years. Consequently they have been seperated into sections so when a change is made, only that section that the change relates to is updated.

The club thanks Robin Davey for his continued and tremendous work in developing and maintaining these documents.


2018-19 Notice of Race


S I Part 1 Introduction.pdf

S I Part 2 Common Instructions.pdf

S I Part 3 Bay Cup Series.pdf

S I Part 4 Summer Sunday Series.pdf

S I Part 5 Coastal Cup Series.pdf

S I Part 6 Division 2 Tollgate Classic Series.pdf

S I Part 7 Winter Series.pdf

SI Part 8 Winter Sunday Series 2018-2019 v1.pdf

S I Part 9 River Wranglers' Series.pdf


Handbook Cover.pdf

Handbook Contents.pdf

Handbook Outline.pdf

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