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  • 03/11/2016 9:32 AM | BBSC (Administrator)

    TopYacht Software: Batemans Bay Sailing Club - 10/29/2016 5:56:01 PM

    RACE 1 Lady Skippers Series 2016-17

    Lady Skippers Race 2016-17

    Printed on : 10/29/2016 5:56:01 PM

    Vital Spark  - 0:00

    True North - 0:00

    Start Offset Times for Race 1 on 11/5/2016
    Xanthia 4536 0.676 0:00
    North Star 6803 0.710 0:05
    The Shed 3279 0.760 0:11
    Avior 2970 0.777 0:13
    Wishful Thinking 6189 0.837 0:19
    Attitude 8150 0.839 0:19
    Accolade M201 0.850 0:20
    Out Wide 4114 0.862 0:22
    Apostrophe 6007 0.867 0:22

  • 13/10/2016 12:50 PM | BBSC (Administrator)

    There was an excellent fleet of 11 boats out last Saturday for the first race of Batemans Bay Sailing Club’s Bay Cup series. It was a cold and not particularly pleasant day, but the 15 knot southerly breeze made for good sailing conditions. Race Officer Dave Magill and his trusty offsider Terry Paton set a pin end favoured start line. The skippers were a bit too eager with about half the fleet over the line at the start resulting in a general recall. This was unfortunate for “Avior” (Tony Sutton) which had easily the best start. On the second attempt “Out Wide” (Peter Schwarz) was away on the one minute signal and never came back despite an individual recall. The rest of the fleet got away cleanly with Tim Davis steering “Apostrophe” to a Mark Richards style pin end start. Further up the line “Accolade” (Lachlan Brown) sailed over the top of “Avior” and high enough to get the gas on her sister ship “Attitude” (John Reed). “Avior” tacked off to the right along with “Xanthia” (James Gardiner) and “North Star” (John Drummond).
    The first leg was a work up to the Wimbie Beach followed by two reaches to the wing mark at the Toll Gates and hence the leeward mark off Snapper Island. “Apostrophe” led early and was about to sail over the top of “Accolade” approaching the Quarter Deck, but tacked away letting “Accolade” off the hook. “Accolade” then sailed the wind shifts to lead around the top mark. The second lap was a windward and return followed by a short reach to the finish line inside Snapper Island. The Wimbie Beach mark was sheltered from the southerly breeze. “Accolade” parked there while “Apostrophe” found some breeze just off the sand at Surf Beach to sail through to the lead. “Apostrophe” held on to finish 48 seconds ahead of “Accolade” over the line with “Attitude” a further 9 minutes back. The fading breeze was unkind to the remainder of the fleet which finished over the following 50 minutes.
    In Division One the placegetters on both AMS and PHS were “Accolade” followed by “Apostrophe” and “Avior”. In Division Two (which is for smaller yachts and sailed over a shorter course than Division One) “Vital Spark” (Richard Dunne) and “True North” (Greg and Debbie Cockle) had a close race. “Vital Spark” finished 55 seconds ahead, but “True North” was well ahead on PHS calculations. Full results are available at www.bbsc.org.au. The next BBSC event will be a coastal race on October 22nd.

  • 05/10/2016 8:11 AM | BBSC (Administrator)
    2016 AMS Handicap ratings can be downloaded HERE.

    Thankyou to Terry Paton and Simon Lowth for bringing these together.

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