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    Batemans Bay Sailing Club

    Bay Cup Race 8 Saturday 13 April 2019 Div 1

    BBSCFLEETPHC results

    Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH CHC Skipper Score DidNot
    1 4536 Xanthia 02:07:07 0.750 01:35:20 0.759 0.766 J Gardiner 1.0 &nbsp
    2 3279 The Shed 02:15:25 0.714 01:36:41 0.712 0.715 R Spelman 2.0 &nbsp
    3 RQ48 Valhalla 02:12:13 0.737 01:37:27 0.730 0.734 D Perrins 3.0 &nbsp
    4 8150 Attitude 01:52:42 0.871 01:38:10 0.856 0.861 S Byrne/Reed 4.0 &nbsp
    DNC 2970 Avior &nbsp 0.774 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp T Sutton 10.0 DNC
    DNC 4114 Out Wide &nbsp 0.828 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp P Schwarz 10.0 DNC
    DNC 6189 Wishful Thinking &nbsp 0.861 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp A Bain 10.0 DNC
    DNC 6803 North Star &nbsp 0.661 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp J Drummond 10.0 DNC
    DNC M201 Accolade &nbsp 0.837 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp L Brown 10.0 DNC

    AMS results

    Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC Cor'd T Skipper Score ETOrd DidNot Div No
    1 8150 Attitude 01:52:42 0.844 01:35:07 S Byrne/Reed 1.0 1 &nbsp 1
    2 3279 The Shed 02:15:25 0.800 01:48:20 R Spelman 2.0 2 &nbsp 1
    DNC 2970 Avior &nbsp 0.773 &nbsp T Sutton 8.0 &nbsp DNC 1
    DNC 4114 Out Wide &nbsp 0.900 &nbsp P Schwarz 8.0 &nbsp DNC 1
    DNC 6189 Wishful Thinking &nbsp 0.843 &nbsp A Bain 8.0 &nbsp DNC 1
    DNC 6803 North Star &nbsp 0.796 &nbsp J Drummond 8.0 &nbsp DNC 1
    DNC M201 Accolade &nbsp 0.844 &nbsp L Brown 8.0 &nbsp DNC 1

    Bay Cup Race 8 Saturday 13 April 2019 Div 2

    BBSC PHC results

    Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH CHC Skipper Score DidNot Vis
    1 144 Sandcastle 01:41:32 0.727 01:13:49 &nbsp &nbsp J Drummond &nbsp &nbsp Yes
    2 63 Hobo 01:34:04 0.788 01:14:08 0.788 0.788 P Withington 0.0 &nbsp &nbsp
    DNC 10 Horizon &nbsp 0.675 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp M Grybaitis 11.7 DNC &nbsp
    DNC 608 Tradewind &nbsp 0.815 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp A Rees 11.7 DNC &nbsp
    DNC 1475 Vital Spark &nbsp 0.688 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp R Dunne 11.7 DNC &nbsp
    OCS 1582 Lollipop &nbsp 0.672 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp D Keely 5.7 OCS &nbsp

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    Horizon 00:00
    Lollipop 00:00
    Eirene 00:12
    Hobo 00:14
    Charlie Barr III 00:17
    North Star 00:35
    The Shed 00:39
    Avior 00:46
    Xanthia 00:49
    Valhalla 00:51
    Out Wide 00:56
    Wishful Thinking 00:57
    Accolade 00:58
    Attitude 01:00

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    Boat Start







    Vital Spark






    North Star






    The Shed












    Wishful Thinking









  • 06/02/2019 9:54 PM | Anonymous











    Charlie Barr III


    North Star


    The Shed








    Out Wide


    Wishful Thinking






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    TopYacht Software: Batemans Bay Sailing Club - 11/28/2018 2:36:27 PM

    BBSC Bay Cup 4 Race 4 Div 1

    Start Offset Times for Race 4 on 12/1/2018
    North Star 6803 0.687 0:00 John Drummond
    The Shed 3279 0.709 0:05 Ron Spelman
    Avior 2970 0.758 0:14 Tony Sutton
    Xanthia 4536 0.773 0:17 James Gardiner
    Valhalla RQ48 0.791 0:20 Dion Perrins
    Out Wide 4114 0.828 0:26 Peter Schwarz
    Wishful Thinking 6189 0.844 0:28 Andrew Bain
    Accolade M201 0.853 0:29 Lachlan Brown
    Attitude 8150 0.869 0:31 Simon/John Byrne/Reed

    BBSC Bay Cup 4 Race 4 Div 2

    Start Offset Times for Race 4 on 12/1/2018
    Lollipop 1582 0.671 0:00 Deb Keeley
    Horizon 10 0.675 0:01 Michelle Grybaitis
    Vital Spark 1475 0.688 0:03 Richard Dunne
    Hobo 63 0.815 0:21 Peter Withington
    Tradewind 608 0.815 0:21 Allan Rees

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    TopYacht Software: Batemans Bay Sailing Club - 10/23/2018 8:46:13 PM

    RACE 2 2018-19 Bay Cup Div 1

    bbsc bay cup 2 race 2 div 1

    Printed on : 10/23/2018 8:46:13 PM

    Division 1 Start Offset Times for Race 2 on 10/27/2018
    North Star 6803 D1 0.694 0:00 0:00 John Drummond    
    Xanthia 4536 D1 0.764 13:45 0:14 James Gardiner    
    Out Wide 4114 D1 0.837 25:38 0:26 Peter Schwarz    
    Accolade M201 D1 0.854 28:06 0:28 Lachlan Brown    
    Wishful Thinking 6189 D1 0.856 28:23 0:28 Andrew Bain    
    Valhalla RQ48 D1 0.862 29:14 0:29 Dion Perrins    
    Attitude 8150 D1 0.863 29:22 0:29 Simon/John Byrne/Reed    

    TopYacht Software: Batemans Bay Sailing Club - 10/17/2018 6:57:37 PM

    RACE 2 2018-19 Bay Cup Div 2

    bbsc bay cup 2 race 2 div 2

    Printed on : 10/17/2018 6:57:37 PM

    Division 2 Start Offset Times for Race 2 on 10/27/2018
    Horizon 10 D2 0.675 0:00 0:00 Michelle Grybaitis    
    Vital Spark 1475 D2 0.688 2:16 0:02 Richard Dunne    
    Lollipop 1582 D2 0.692 2:57 0:03 Deb Keely    
    Hobo 63 D2 0.764 13:59 0:14 Peter Withington    

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    BBSC  - Sailing Report    4 August 2018

    Simply the best !  The warm and breezy weather conditions enticed a fleet of ten yachts to cross the bar for the last race of the Sailing the Bay winter series conducted by the Batemans Bay Sailing Club.
    The day provided the best sailing of the eight race series with yachts duelling around the course and then culminating in an exciting close finish for four yachts which would determine the final placings of the series.

    The handicap start race welcomed new  entrants “Lollipop” a Spencer 27 skippered by Deb Keeley and “Motion” a Bounty 35  with Paul Knaap at the helm. “Lollipop” joined “Horizon”  (Michelle Grybaitis) as the scratch boats for the noon start and it wasn’t long before she took her eyes off the horizon and sailed an unofficial leg to Chain Bay ! “Motion” with experienced crew Hugh Brown sailed her maiden race impressively under a genoa only as the main halyard shackle was out of reach at the top of the mast and the mainsail remained flaked !
    Theses incidents do happen.

    The race was sailed fast in two groups with front runners ” Eirene “ (John McCloskey) and “Hobo“ (Peter Withington) enjoying the gusting north west wind varying 8-22 knots. These boats were beating towards Yellow Rock from the Toll Gates mark when the fleet back markers were rounding only the first mark at Square Head and were never passed thereafter.
    Sailing between these groups was “Charlie Barr 3”  ( Mel Knowles and Col Stone) putting in another improved performance in her maiden race series then followed by “Motion”.

    Meanwhile, it was all happening within the second group , a race within a race. The second leg of the course from Square Head to the Toll Gates saw “Ghoster”     flying her big black spinnaker taking advantage of the wind direction and sailing directly towards the next mark. Others flying gennakers were adjusting to the varying wind strengths, angles and adding extra distances to sail.

    The penultimate leg from Yellow Rock to Square Head before finishing at Caseys Beach  revealed different strategies with boats either hugging the north side of the Bay as did “North Star” and “Ghoster” or tacking down the middle like “Attitude“ and “Xanthia”.

    The final leg to Caseys Beach saw boats trying to improve their positions by either  tacking close to the rocks of Snapper Island or “winging” it further out in the Bay before the reach to the finish line. However, incidents do happen. “Attitude“ who was threatening to be first of this group experienced a spinnaker mishap which allowed others to close the gap. The four boats finished within a few minutes of one another with “Ghoster” leading this group over the line.
    Results - Race 8:  1 Eirene ;2 Hobo ;3 Ghoster ;4 Attitude ;5  Xanthia;
     6 North Star;7 Charlie Barr 3; 8 Horizon; 9 Motion ; DNF Lollipop.

    The Winter Series Presentation was held afterwards at JJS at the Marina.
    Another successful series and over thirty people saw local skipper James Gardiner of “Xanthia” win the Shield trophy with second place to “Ghoster” (Dion Perrins) and a tie between “Attitude”  (John Reed) and “North Star” (John Drummond).
    Everyone present acknowledged the great support from sponsors – JJs, Batemans Bay Marina Management, King Bros Marine, Power & Sail and Revolution Sails whose prizes were presented to the place getters.

    For details of the Club’s coming activities please see www.bbsc.org.au .
    The Summer sailing season starts on 29 September – so be there.

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    BBSC – Sailing Report 25 July  2018

    An exciting series finale is looming for Race 8 of Sailing the Bay , Winter Series of the Batemans Bay Sailing Club, to be sailed on Saturday 4 August.
    After an emphatic win in Race 7 by “Attitude” an Adams 10.6 Off Shore , the placings for the series are wide open to five yachts all vying for first place and with it  the Club’s Winners Shield and the Batemans Bay Marina Management prize. This eight race series has so far produced five different winners with all races closely contested.

    Last Saturday Race 7, attracted seven of the ten registered boats with “Hobo” a trimaran , skippered by Peter Withington joining the race and an additional two Club boats “Farreal” and “ Aminee 3” shadowing the fleet and adding to this series increasing popularity.

     The Bay delivered the weather forecast of a fine sunny day with light winds from the south west then moving in an easterly direction. At noon the horn blast saw “Horizon”  cross the start line with Michelle at the helm and crew John, Jane and Pam keen to take advantage of the course and her handicap start.

    The course to be sailed was Caseys Beach to Square Head to Yellow Rock to Toll Gate then finish at Caseys Beach within the 4:30pm time limit. The idea of the handicap starts is to produce a close and  exciting finish for all boats. However in a light breeze where the wind vane often did a 360 degrees spin all boats were converging at the same time on the first rounding mark at Square Head. At this stage with boats laying the mark from different angles , crew were seen delving into the Rules – “right of way” !

    “Eirene” and “North Star” were first around the Square Head mark then sailed to opposite sides of the course to reach the wind change from the north east that was spreading down the bay. At this point “Attitude” settled into a good beating run to Yellow Rock with “Xanthia” and “Ghoster” close astern. As the Yellow Rock rounding mark was not reached within the time limit the course was shortened. The final leg of the race was now Yellow Rock to Caseys Beach.

    The Bay became a colourful scene of spinnakers and gennakers as the fleet sailed the final leg. “Hobo” with new sails held off “Eirene” the previous race winner and “Horizon” battling with an oversized spinnaker while the front runners positions stayed the same with “Attitude” in the lead from the back marker “Xanthia” then “Ghoster” and “North Star”.

    The winning boat “Attitude” superbly sailed in the challenging wind conditions by skipper Patrice de Caritat with crew John Reed and Jonathan “Peter” Claoue-Long won the JJs – at the Marina, prize and put their boat in contention for a series win. But there is an X-factor and a spirit to deal with !!

    The next and final race of the Series is on 4 August with a pre-race Briefing at 10am at the Batemans Bay Marina . People wanting to crew are to attend this Briefing when a position will be allocated on a boat if available.
    Boat entry for a single race is offered and visiting skippers and crew are most welcome. For further details please go to www.bbsc.org.au or the Notice Board at the Marina.

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    Only two races left to be sailed in the Sailing the Bay Winter Series organised by the Batemans Bay Sailing Club. The results of Race 6 sailed on 7 July in strong winds not only rattled the rigging but also the current standings in this series.
    There are at least four yachts vying for first placing in this competitive series with the last race and presentation set for Saturday 4 August.

    Race 6 was a day of heroics when the forecast for the Bay was a westerly wind of about 25 knots. At the pre-race briefing an opinion was that the expected front had just passed so the scheduled Course B could be sailed with an optional course agreed should conditions worsen.

    Seven yachts left the Marina for the start line at Caseys Beach with the official start time at 1pm. The two scratch boats in this handicap race,  “Horizon” and “Eirene” were reaching at a good speed under a 12 knot breeze. However, conditions changed once rounding Snapper Island and beating into the increasing westerly  towards Square Head  mark presenting a real challenge to the fleet. “Charlie Barr 111” starting 17 minutes later also experienced the strong gusts at Square Head and with only two crew on board decided to withdraw from the race as did “Horizon”. It was at this location that the 45 footer X-boat “Xanthia” decided to “pull the pin” due to difficulties in changing headsails.

    “Eirene” skippered by John McCloskey with now seasoned crew Antoinette and Herman Karsten were sailing the Square Head to Wimbie Beach leg when the four remaining boats  started at their various handicap starting times. She held this position to the finish and a maiden win in this series. “Ghoster” a Farr 9.2 skippered by Dion Perrins with Kathie Blankley and who won the previous race again sailed brilliantly  and were catching the lead boat. Meanwhile “Attitude” an Adams Offshore 10.6 skippered by Simon Byrne and sailing her second race of the series  reefed her main and overtook “North Star” near the finishing line at Caseys Beach.

    The average time for the race was one and a half hours being twice as quick as the previous race sailed in light winds. The  day’s conditions provided exhilarating sailing for the crews.

    The final placings :     “ 1. Eirene; 2. Ghoster; 3. Attitude; 4. North Star
    and DNF – Horizon; Charlie Barr 111;  Xanthia”.

    Next race is on 21 July with a pre-race Briefing at the Batemans Bay Marina at 10am.

    Crew availability . People wanting to crew are to attend the Briefing when a position will be allocated on a boat if available.

    Boat entry for a single race is available and visiting skippers and crew are most welcome. For further details please go to www.bbsc.org.au.

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