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Beyond Bank Batemans Bay 2016 Regatta

Sailing Report, Results, and Photos



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ANZAC Regatta 2014 -


Day 1 of Batemans Bay Sailing Club’s 2014 Anzac Day Regatta looked so promising with the sun coming out after a cloudy morning.  Coming up to starting time around 12.20 there were over 105 boats registered, and it looked like they were all on the water, some even giving their spinnakers a test run.


Batemans Bay welcomed boats from all over, many from Canberra and Sydney, but some travelling from as far as Adelaide, and quite a few from Victoria too.  Many people came from up and down the coast as well.


What seemed a steady 8-10 knot WNW breeze was picking up nicely.  All divisions started well and some good speeds were being made.  Buoys were rounded and the wind increased some more.  Then the front arrived pretty much from due west with a couple of gusts measured at over 35 knots, and a few boats got into a bit of trouble.  From the Start boat it seemed every way we looked we could see a capsize.  Many had good practice in righting their vessels, but there were a few rescues called for. 


Many thanks go to all volunteers who rendered assistance: the 4 Mark boats, Rob Muldovan on the NSW Maritime boat, and Marine Rescue who had deployed two rescue boats but called in a third.  Together with our 4 mark boats, all hands were put to rescuing, and the Principal Race Officer, Dave Magill made the decision to abandon racing for the day.  Thanks also to all volunteers John Clement and Peter Withington on “New Horizons” for great rescue efforts.


The start boat had to rescue the start line pin, which had dragged off towards square head.

Among the many capsizes Sam Cronin’s 505 “Blowflies”’s mast snapped in two, and Rob Currall didn’t disappoint by unseating the mast from his cat “Knock Out” and running up onto Long Beach.  Apparently two other boats also lost their masts.  In fact several boats took shelter in Long Beach and Maloneys, and by the time all boats were rescued, it was after 3pm and too late to get organised for any more racing.  This was unfortunate, as the weather had settled and quite a few boats continued having a pleasure sail around the bay, particularly the Hobies in and around Corrigans.  Some even stayed for a sunset sail.


Congrats to Tish and Michael Leydon in “Pumpkin” a little 303 Hansa dinghy who were quite a way out when the wind hit, but happily sailed all the way back in unassisted, with reefed bright orange sails.


Day 2, Sunday brought a southerly which was generally around 10-15 knots and a bit cooler than Saturday.  3 Races were held on time with only one re-start.


BBSC was very proud this Anzac Day Regatta to host two special events:  The Elliott 7 Class Nationals, and also The OK Dinghy NSW State Championships.  Unfortunately due to the race abandonments on Saturday, the Elliott's did not get enough races in to decide a series but the OK Dinghies did get 3 races in which meant Peter Horne on "Captain Crackers" was able to take out the championship for 2014. Thanks to “Avior” crewed by Ceilia Davey and Tony Sutton  for being Start boat for the Elliotts, which all looked magnificent in full sail out to the tollgates on their Pentastar course.  Congratulations to winners, Jack Harris on “P Plater” in the Elliott 7 class.


Apart from these classes, Sharpies, Lasers, Tasars, Contenders, Taipans, 420s, Maricats, Hobies, Trailerables, Flying Dutchmen and International Canoes battled for space in the pretty good breeze.  One Mirror Dinghy “Sneachta Ban” sailed by Bruce Gray did brilliantly to finish the course, like “Pumpkin” a rather large area for smaller craft. 


The most spectacular finish would have to go to Egbert Dooper and his son on their Taipan “Super Dooper”, when they just crossed the finish line and immediately capsized losing their mast!  They didn’t know till the presentations that they had not only been qualified as a finish, they’d also took out third in their division.


Thanks again to everyone who participated and who volunteered their help, particularly to Andrew Bain, Commodore Peter Smith and his partner Vicki, Principal Race Officer Dave Magill, Terry Paton and Simon Byrne for organisation, supported by John Reed, Anne McAsh, Rob Davey, Rob Bowmaker, Carol Bracken, Deb Keeley, John Berrick, Ross Hayward, Lynne Bain, James Gardiner, Ben Woolnough, Alice Crawford, Will Crawford, Kylie Rose, Tony Bonouvrie and the life saving suppliers of food and drinks at the clubhouse. We also had support John Clement and Peter Withington from the Sailability gang.   The regatta brought several hundred people to Batemans Bay boosting our economy over a long weekend, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  As a local, I couldn’t be happier than to see our bay full of sails.


Terry Mc Donough



Division 1 -


Division 2 -


Division 3 -


Division 4 (OK Dinghies) -


Divisions 5 and 6 (Trailerables) - 6.pdf


Division 7 -


Division 8 -


Flying Dutchmans -


Sharpies -


Hobie 16's -


Hobie 18's -

Full results are available online at, and photos also available via this link HERE.


The club also thanks Terry McDonough for her assistance with timekeeping on the start boat as well as putting together this Sailing Report.


Simon Byrne - Vice Commodore.